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Reference Image Library RIL

The RIL is a communal project by members for members. We hope that you will enjoy browsing through the albums. You can also download photos as reference or contribute your own photos to the library. 

Tulpe 1.jpg
Tai Chi teacher.jpg
Giraffe 1.jpg
Dolores Saul Winter in Schmitten Germany 2.jpg
San Gimignano.jpg
Grande Anse.jpg
Sunset 1.jpg
The Pastel Scribbler

The Pastel Scribbler is our newsletter. It has been published since 2009 and showcases our Get Dusty winners,  our judges and their comments. It also introduces new members, gives information about competitions and events and contains lot of interesting articles.

 The Scribbler team is always on the look-out for people who are willing to write. The Scribbler can only be as interesting as we all make it! So if you have seen an interesting pastel exhibition, read a helpful book, been to a great workshop or discovered a new technique, please consider writing about it. You can contact our editor here.

Have a look inside

Articles from the Scribbler archive

These articles are only accessible for members. Please log in or register and join PGE.

Free articles

The Reference Image Library and the Pastel Scribbler are only for PGE members. But we do offer several articles which are free for everybody to read. Enjoy!

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