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Connecting pastel artists in Europe and worldwide

The Pastel Guild of Europe PGE was founded by European pastel artists in 2009 with the purpose of strengthening connections and friendships between artists across Europe, to inform, enjoy and delight in the beautiful artist’s medium of pastel, and to be a support and resource for artists and groups of artists.  
PGE currently has 170 members from 34 countries, mostly from Europe, but also from overseas.

Although PGE is internet-based, we try to make real-life encounters between members possible. In the past years we organized several painting weekends and workshops in Germany, Finland and the Netherlands, with the next one planned for September 2023.

PGE is proud to be a member of IAPS (International Association of Pastel Societies).

Meet the PGE board 2023

Our board consists entirely of volunteers who run PGE in their free time.

The present board has been reelected during the Annual General Meeting on March, 20, 2022.


Annika Östman, Vice chair and treasurer

Annika Östman
Vice chair and treasurer

Dorothea Schulz, Chair

Dorothea Schulz
PGE Chair

Yolanda Coervers Schoenmakers, Secretary

Yolanda Coervers

Dolores Saul, Website und Get Dusty

Dolores Saul
Website and Get Dusty


Jutta Maria Fleschutz
Scribbler editor

Lynn Howarth

Lynn Howarth

Kerstin Birk

Kerstin Birk

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