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Each month (holiday period excluded) the Pastel Guild of Europe holds a competition for its members, the Get Dusty. Every PGE member may submit two paintings. The winner gets a prize of pastels or money.

Not a member yet? It is very easy to join:



1. Participation

Open to all Apprentice, Journeyer and Signature members of the PastelGuild of Europe who are 18 years old or more.

2. Subject of the competition

Themes are decided on by the board. Suggestions for themes are very welcome.

Themes are announced in advance of the competition in the GET DUSTY SCHEDULE

The submitted paintings shall have a connection to the theme of the month. E.g. A painting of a cat will not do if the theme is animal/horses. The board makes the decisions, and won't debate.

If you have any questions concerning your interpretation of the theme, do ask before committing to paper.

 3. Entries (Form of entries, digital data, formats)

All paintings must be submitted online no later than the stated date of deadline of the month, 25th. The date can be changed in advance, but this will be announced in 'News and events'.

The date ends at 00:00 CET

The entry deadlines are announced on the Get Dusty schedule page.

You may submit up to two paintings for each month's competition. For the Summer and Winter Get Dusty you may upload up to 3 paintings.

The submission shall be done using the upload gallery of the PGE website:

Get Dusty - Get Dusty upload 

A. All paintings entered must have been created within the last four years. You may enter a painting into several Get Dusty competitions, BUT: a painting that has already won a Get Dusty competition, may not be entered again.

B. You must state the size of your entry i.e.the actual size of the painting in the "description" box when uploading. If no size is stated, your entry will be automatically disqualified.

If you wish, you may also include details of the type of paper and pastels used and a general description of the painting.

C. Pastel paintings only. Mixed Media paintings must have 80% pastel.

D. All submitted artwork must be by your own hand only, no work completed under instruction i.e. during a class or workshop is allowed. Peer critique which leads to changes is regarded as 'instruction'.

E. No copies of other artwork.

F. In the categories Landscape, Portrait/figure and Animal you may use someone else's photo, but if you use such a reference, you must have the permission of the photographer. You do not want a copyright suit. Submitting to Get Dusty is publishing. 

If your entry was done from life, own set up, imagination or your own reference photo, say so. If an external reference was used, you should state its source and, where appropriate, the name of the person to whom it belongs. If you do not add this information when entering, or later in the comments box, your entry will be disqualified.

Amendment: In the category Still life you may only paint from your own photo or setup. A still life is to a good part an exercise in composition, so using someone else's setup is making use of their compositional skill.

4. Technical issues

The file format shall be jpg or jpeg.

All entries must be 800 pixels on the longest side.

Entries which are smaller than the required size will be disqualified!


Check the size of your file before you upload! The maximum file size is 1Mb, the minimum size is 250 kb. Entries which are smaller will not be included in the judging, because the picture quality and resolution is too low.


5. Prize

There shall be one winner, who will win a prize either granted by a sponsor or the PGE board. This prize can vary. They will also receive a certificate.

The winner will be presented on the 'News and events' page. They will also be presented on the PGE Facebook page, where their painting will be the banner for a month. The winning painting will be the permanent header for that month’s Get Dusty gallery.

The winner shall have an interview published in the Pastel Scribbler newsletter.

A member shall not be allowed to win more than two Get Dusty prizes in one year. If a member who has won the prize twice wins the Dusty again, that person will be declared the winner of the competition. However, the prize will go to another entry chosen by the judge/judges.

We'll also select second and third place, plus up to three Honourable Mentions. All placed paintings will be presented on the website page ‚News and events‘ and in the Scribbler, together with the judge’s comments. All entries will be permanently displayed in the PGE website Get Dusty gallery.

6. Jury

The winner is elected by a jury of board members or a guest judge appointed by the board. The jury's decision is not debatable.

7. Restrictions

You will of course only send in clean artwork. Traditional figures in the nude are considered clean. The PGE board decides what is acceptable or not, and there exists no court of appeal. So called adult material, racism, and offending of religions and nations or sexual preferences are not acceptable paintings.

8. Checklist For Get Dusty entries

  • Artistic merit/originality - is my choice of subject matter and/or approach
    (within the given theme) original?

  • Drawing - does my artwork show sound drawing skills?

  • Pastel Technique - does the pastel technique used suit the subject chosen?

  • Composition - is it a good composition?

  • Tone/Value - are the values good?

  • Colour - is the use of colour effective for the subject chosen?

  • Edges - have I used a good variety of edges, and where appropriate?

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