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The registration for every new PGE member starts with the subscription to the Associate membership. Fill out the form below and click 'Submit'. This will create a member profile page for you. 

It is important that you fill out all the fields. And do not forget to add the country code to your phone number!

You will receive an invoice for the membership fee. This may take a while; remember that our admins are all volunteers and work for PGE in their free time.

To get access to the member pages, click on the sign up/log in button in the upper right corner of the banner. The log in form appears first by default. Click on  'New to the site? Sign up' and the sign up form appears. Fill in your email address and choose a password, then submit.  

Important: both steps have to be followed. Your membership will only be approved when we have received your payment and you have signed up as a site member.

After you have been approved as a member, please go to and edit your profile. Add a profile picture and change your display name from your user name to your real name. Without this, visitors cannot search for you in the member list.

Your PGE membership fee is to be paid once a year. The Associate member fee is paid when registering, and after that in January of each year. If the fee is not renewed by the member, the membership will be terminated by the end of March.
If a new membership starts during the year, the first fee you pay is for the period up to the end of the year. Depending on when you join, it can be a full year, 3/4 or half of a year's fee.

Upgrades to Journeyer level are possible at any time during the year. Send your application to, and if the jury grants you the Journeyer membership, you are asked to pay the higher fee, for the period up to December, 31 of that year.

Payments are to be made in Euro using normal bank transfer. The necessary transaction data such as the IBAN and BIC/SWIFT code will be sent to you by e-mail during the registration process. You also have the choice to pay with Paypal.

Important: Do not forget to click on the confirmation link we include in our email, otherwise the registration process will not be finished! 

Note to artists whose country uses a different writing system:

Our website's software can only handle the Latin alphabet, Chinese characters or cyrillic letters turn up as question marks. A valid registration is therefore not possible. Please use your country's romanization system e.g. Pinyin. When you are paying with PayPal, please make sure to add your romanized name in the notes, or our treasurer will not be able to recognise where the payment is coming from! Thank you!

Important: Please add to your list of safe senders, otherwise our email may end up in your spam folder!

Come to the Dusty Side - We have pastels!

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Thank you for applying; we will be in touch soon!​

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