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Tutorials about special topics and methods in composition, preparing or just improving paintings

Loose and fancyful skies by Margret Evans >October 2009

DUSTBIN: Plein Air sketches in ”stealth mode”by Charlotte Herczfeld >October 2009

Pastel wet and dry by Malcolm Jarvis >December 2009

Dance your paintings 1/3 by Charlotte Herczfeld >December 2009/January 2010

PanPastel obtaining luminosity by Kathrine Hansen >February 2010

The value of value studies by Malcolm Jarvis  >March 2010

Dance your paintings 2/3 by Charlotte Herczfeld >February 2011

Creating a non-grounded painting by Malcolm Jarvis >March 2011

Underpainting possibilities by Richard McKinley >April 2011

Authenticity & Your Art by Casey Klahn, Artist and Author of The Colorist >February 2012

Expanding your horizons! by Ryan Evans > April 2013

Experimenting with scribble by Julie Hodgson >May 2013

Dry pastel underpainting by Charlotte Herczfeld >May 2013

What is the most important in a portrait, colour or value? by Charlotte Herczfeld >May 2013


How to...

Interesting articles about different brands of pastel or paper, tools, framing, tips and tricks etc.

Get a grib on straight lines by Charlotte Herczfeld  > June 2009

How to sharpen pastel pencils by Dorthe Krogh Nielsen > July/August 2009

Travelling lighter by Liz Haywood-Sullivan, PSA  > December 2009

Travelling Europe and painting with pastels by Steven Hill  > May 2010

Framing pastelmat 1/3 by Marie-France Oosterhof  > January 2010

Framing pastelmat 2/3 by Marie-France Oosterhof  > February 2010

Framing pastelmat 3/3 by Marie-France Oosterhof  > March 2010

Packing and sending by Post by Charlotte Herczfeld >  November 2010

Simple protecting framing by Charlotte Herczfeld  > June 2011

Do-it-yourself: Portable pastel box/"Easel" by Charlotte Herczfeld >  December 2011

How to make new pastels from crumbs, bits,nubbins, and dust by Charlotte Herczfeld   > September 2012

How to fix that dirty fingerprints or smudge by Charlotte Herczfeld  > November 2012

Quick and easy cleaning by Charlotte Herczfeld > March 2013


Pastels and Materials

PanPastels by Charlotte Herczfeld > September 2009

How to choose a light bulb by Alberto Piedra > November 2009

Clairefontaine Pastelmat by Tracy Koziura > November 2009

Paper and PanPastel panache by Charlotte Herczfeld > November 2009

Pantastical underpainting - PanPastels in a supportive role by Charlotte Herczfeld > December 2009

Protecting your pastel: The sealed package framing by Marie-France Oosterhof > May 2010

Make 90° bevel mat the easy way by Marie-France Oosterhof > September 2010

The man who makes the rainbows by Miranda Innes  > April 2011

Henry Roché pastels by Charlotte Herczfeld > March 2012

Derwent pastel pencils by Charlotte Herczfeld > April 2010

Grabability by Charlotte Herczfeld > June 2011

Sennelier Card - pros and cons by Ryan Evans > June 2012

Fisher 400 and Clairefontaine PastelMat compared by Ruth Mann > June 2012

Canson Mi-Teintes, my pros and cons by Marie-France Oosterhoof > June 2012

Pastel Card and Sansfix by Charlotte Herczfeld > June 2012

Home made pastel grounds by Clea Müller > June 2012

Schmincke Pastel Primer by Dorothee Röhler > June 2012

An artist´s take on Roché pastels by Ruth Mann > October 2012

Light weight boxes for art materials by Yvonne Jensen >  December 2012/January 2013

Mirror, mirror, on the Charlotte Herczfeld >   October 2013

How to paint an eye in pastel by Dolores Saul > September 2014



Demonstration of entire pastel paintings by experienced painters

Meet the master: The unknown Monet by Debra Mancoff > May 2009

Degas captured in Silver by Charlotte Herczfeld > June 2009

Degas getting in shape by Charlotte Herczfeld > July/August 2009

The colourful world of Degas by Charlotte Herczfeld > September 2009

Isatis Tinctoria - The origins of pastel by Marie-France Oosterhof > December 2010/January 2011

Composition analytics by Frank M. Schwietzer >  February 2013

Workshop experience in Paris with Nadine Roulleaux by Elisabeth Blass > February 2013


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