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PGE will continue its current activities in 2022.



Roger Holmes PGE will continue with his work as Scribbler editor. The Scribbler team is always on the look-out for people who are willing to write articles. The Scribbler can only be as interesting as we all make it! So if you have seen an interesting pastel exhibition, read a helpful book, been to a great workshop or discovered a new technique, please consider writing about it. You can contact our editor at


Get Dusty:

The Dusty schedule for 2022 has already been published on our website. Get Dusty winners will receive a 50€ gift certificate.

Suggestions for possible future sponsors would be appreciated.

The board is continuing its search for renowned pastel artists who are willing to serve as external judges. If you have a suggestion for a guest judge, please contact the board.


The Forum:

We invite our members to be active in the forum, to start and/or moderate new threads, answer to queries from other members and make the PGE Forum an interesting and lively place!


The PGE photo reference library LIB:

All members are invited to join the library (LIB) where they can upload quality reference images and make use of other members’ freely given images. At present there are quite a few photos but it needs a lot more before it can be called a proper photo library.


The Pastel Archive:

We will continue to add interesting articles to our pastel archive, an ever-growing source of information about the pastel medium. Thank you, Dolores Saul for the time you spend on this.


Facebook page:

We will continue our Facebook page and try to make it an attractive online presence for the public. We hope that it will continue to attract new members.



PGE Signature membership:

The board will meet once a year in September and consider which journeyer members deserve to be promoted to signature status. The candidates will then be contacted and asked to apply by sending in an artist statement, listing their artistic achievements (winning the Get Dusty, being juried into exhibitions, teaching pastel painting etc.)The final decision will be made by a jury of members of the PGE board who will be joined by PGE signature members.

Read about the requirements under


New projects in 2022



Exciting news! Members of the PGE board are currently building a new and modern website to replace our present one which has become dated since it was first launched in 2009. We hope that it will be finished in late spring/early summer. We would appreciate it if some of our members volunteered as testers before the launch.


The PastelGuild of Europe’s 3nd Online Competition:

After the huge success of our 2020 Open Online competition, the board has decided to organize a third online competition in Autumn 2022. Details will be published later in the year.

PGE activity plan for 2022
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