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Maria Sibilio - our guest judge for the May Get Dusty- Joy


Maria Sibilio was born in Afragola (Na), after the Diploma of Artistic Maturity and the Degree in Architecture obtained in Naples, in the same city she carried out her professional commitment for years in one of the most prestigious architecture studios in the South. Later she became an independent professional together with her husband, who was also an architect. The artistic impulse in her is always present and strong, and her passion for art and drawing led her in a natural way to rediscover and apply the many teachings received in the past by the major exponents of Neapolitan painting. A pupil of renowned pastel masters such as Eric Wilson, Rubén Belloso Adorna, Vicente Romero, Cuong Nguyen and Alain Voinot, she in turn has transmitted her knowledge and use of the pastel technique since 2014, holding courses and workshops in several cities in Italy. The portrait for Maria Sibilio represents an exchange of introspective emotions and thoughts between the depicted subject and his interlocutor as a precious discovery or question between what the image communicates iconographically and what characterizes it in detail. The whole is assimilated with refinement, in a choice of image, more and more inclined to minimalism, today a characterization of his maturation of a personal style, which has aroused interest and success in numerous events and art awards in which he participated. With a personal and intimate narration of the characters immortalized in poses and expressions with enveloping light effects, which we also find in still lifes, he aspires to '' hyper-realistic '' results of fine artistry and expressiveness. Founding member of ‘’Pasit Pastellisti Italiani’’ served as Secretary in the period July 2014 - April 2017.

Recent awards: PRINCE ART Award at the ARTE SALERNO exhibition, Mention of merit at the INTERNATIONAL BIENNIAL OF UMBRIA, 1st classified painting section ISIS AWARD, 1st classified category '' Pastel portrait '' at the I DAUNI exhibition, also winning the critics' prize and NIKEPHOROS 2018 award, 1st classified Pastel portrait EXHIBITION '' On the Via Francigena del Sud '', 1st classified section Portrait in pastel at the exhibition I DAUNI 2019 where she receives the Diploma of '' Portraitist Master '', for training and technical skills, and honorable mention for the painting '' Waiting ''. In 2020 receives the Diploma of ‘’Pastel Master’’, bronze medal at the international competition of ''Mondial Art Academia'' (France).

Find more on her Instagram page: @maria_sibilio and in Facebook: Maria Sibilio Art

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