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By Judy Tate

My Guidelines for Painting Outside

Some thoughts:- 

Self-consciousness? A consideration for most people when the start going out. It soon evaporates in my experience! I have only met nice people and have never had negative comments. 

Go out with a friend or group 

Choose a view/subject you know you want to paint or draw

What is your plan? Are you hoping to complete finished painting, or loose sketches?  What you want to do will evolve as you persevere

Develop your kit – as you begin to understand what you want to achieve then your equipment needed with evolve also

On location 

When out consider how much time you have 

Consider the same place at different times of day/year

Interesting viewpoints (viewfinder will help here)

Vary horizon line 

Zoom in and out (use your camera lens for this)

Practical tips 

Do some thumbnail sketches to check your composition

Check your horizon is straight then things such as masts can be measured in comparison 

Draw/paint the things that are not moving first and then relate the rest to it 

If planning to be outside for some time :-

  1. Food and drink 

  2. Clothes – gloves, scarf, sun hat, sun cream, sturdy boots, etc 

  3. Easel, stool, sketch book, camera, view finder

  4. Think – have you got dark and light, warm and cool pastels? 

Judy Tate September 2020

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