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Gail Sibley, our guest judge for the Winter Get Dusty

‘I’m crazy about colour and at the same time, a limited palette is my jam! Whether I’m painting in soft pastels or paint (acrylic, watercolour, or oil), my focus is on creating a visual extravaganza of colour using the smallest number of colours. Crazy huh? (Whether you’re a student at the GailSibleyArtSchool or a subscriber to my HowToPastel blog, you’ll hear about the benefit of a limited palette. All. The. Time.)

Along with creating art, I also love teaching. With the last two pandemic years, so much of our lives have been pushed online and that’s where you’ll find me sharing my knowledge and encouraging students to believe in themselves and their unique voice. Happily, in-person workshops are coming back!

Life has a funny way of distracting you from your soul’s purpose (in my case for example, taking on the work of a Master’s degree in Art History and more recently, creating IGNITE! an art-making membership) but always, always, the call deepens and when I hear and surrender to that call, returning fully to my art-making, I’m my most joyful self. Creating artwork that reveals the beauty in the world even in the most ordinary and mundane of subjects is the challenge and the reward.'

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