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by Dolores Saul 2019

In my last article, I described an easy way to take photos of your pastel painting and edit them with Photoshop.
For this ‚recipe‘, you first have to take a photo of your painting with the three grey scale cards and save it to your computer.
Great! Now you have a good photo of your new pastel and want to enter it into a competition, upload it to your website or post it on social media. For this purpose, the file has to be resized according to the requirements without losing too much quality.
Important! First copy your photo and only continue working with that copy!
There a several photo editing programs e.g. Photoshop or the free programs Gimp and Irfanview which you can download. For simple editing the free versions are sufficient.


(Version 'Elements 2019' for approx. € 70 by Amazon):

In Editor, choose Expert, File, open the copied image. Go to Save for web (Image 1).









The image will be opened and shows a toolbar on the right side. Option: edit the quality > JPEG very high, 100%, new size > change it to 800, proportion > yes (older Version of Photoshop). The 'Save Optimized As' window opens (Image 2).











Type a file name, go to the desired folder on your computer, and click Save. You now have an optimized, web-ready photo.

For multiple images: Copy your pictures into a new destination folder. Click on File, open all images that you want to change. Make sure that they are all either horizontal or vertical and not in different formats! > Process Multiple Files (Image 2a). Change the longest side and the dpi> OK. Click on File Type> Converts files to “JEPG High quality”. Click OK.
DPI change: Open File, search the copy of your photo. Go to Image on toolbar, click on Image Size option, change dpi (pixels/inch) (Image 3), click OK. Finished!














You can change the language > Options, Change language (German or English) with 3 clicks!
File > Open, search the copy of your image and click on it.
Go to Image and then to Resize/Resample (Image 5).















Preserve aspect ratio (proportional)! Fill in the desired pixel size and pay attention to height or width! You can also change the DPI if the competition or website rules so require. Finished!

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