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Corinne Caillé, our guest judge for the Summer 'Get Dusty'

Updated: Aug 26, 2022

Breton pastel artist Corinne Caillé lives in the Morbihan. She discovers pastel in 2003 during art classes where she studies different painting techniques for two years.

After this first encounter, she devotes herself mainly to pastel painting and more particularly to the art of portraiture. She continues her training with renowned pastel masters.

After taking part in various exhibitions, she has her first solo exhibition in 2012. During this period, she works in collaboration with a dance school and perfects her skills in the representation of the human body in motion.

After studying portraiture in depth, she decides to turn her attention to the sea, which plays an important part in her life. Many beach scenes result from this new artistic endeavour.

In 2017, she opens her own studio in Brec'h. This new place of creation also allows her to teach pastel classes. From time to time, she offers pastel courses on the request of various pastel societies.

In 2018, a strong awareness of the dangers that threaten the environment and especially water, lead to her depicting even more intimately human beings in the middle of this element. In order to show all the beauty of these underwater scenes in her paintings, she dives and photographs her models in the pool or in the ocean, depending on the atmosphere she wants to convey.

Corinne Caillé participates in numerous art exhibitions throughout France. Her work has been rewarded many times and her painting "Aquatic Fairy" wins first prize at the "Drawing and Painting with Water" exhibition at the Grand Palais Ephémère in Paris in February 2022.

The specialized press also publishes articles about her in which she shows her painting technique.

Meet our guest judge on her website

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